Audrina Patridge joins the "sheer" trend by pairing a black bra under a sheer white blouse, creating a fun outfit that is both classic and sexy."

With every season comes popular trends that I either love or hate.  Let's be honest: we all have our favorites, right? Well this season, one of the trends that I can't help but absolutely love is the embrace of sheer fabrics.  For many people, the idea of anything sheer is scary. It doest have to be! Now anyone can join the "sheer" madness if they know how to do it. Designers have incorporated this trend into their new collection with blouses, dresses, gowns, and even pants. 

Wearing sheer allows us the coverage we want, but gives a light, effervescent look that is perfect for Spring and Summer.  A great attribute for sheer clothing is that it looks effortless.  For a fun Spring sheer look: Try adding a soft, airy piece of sheer clothing, like Guru's Inga Top, to a very structured skinny pant to create a look that is put-together, but comfortable and inviting.

Combining a sheer blouse and a 'peek-a-boo" bra can also be playful and fun as seen here with the Maha Top by Guru. 

Another way to rock this look is to play up the sexiness by adding a "peek-a-boo" statement bra or cami under a sheer blouse.  Black and gold sheers bring in added drama for a more daring, provocative look. To get in on this trend, check out Guru's New Riviera Line.  Adding the Inga Top or the Maha Top in one of our lighter color voiles is a sure bet to get your Summer wardrobe on the "it" list. For a list of locations where you can purchase the Riviera Line by Guru or to place a special order, please contact