Planning a wedding? Looking for a fun, unique bridesmaid gift? More and more people are ordering Guru in their wedding colors to give to their lovely gal pals.  And why not? Just picture the bride in a classic Guru White Tunic Dress with her maids in the Canary Yellow or Aqua. All you would need would be to top it off with a personalized monogram. Guru is now carried in multiple shops that focus on wedding planning and wedding design. For our November Retailer Spotlight, we want to showcase two of these boutiques.  First is Soiree Palm Beach, a boutique specializing in gifts for weddings, brides, party planners, and hostesses of all kinds.  Soiree Palm Beach is the boutique of It Weddings and Special Events.  Check out their website and Facebook page for more information and images. We at Guru are happy to know that wedding parties are wearing our tunics proudly and beautifully. If you are in the Palm Beach area, be sure to pay them a visit! Secondly, if you are planning your own destination wedding, then look no further than to Debra Torres Casual Weddings.  Debra Torres is a designer of guayaberas and formal linen shirts.  Her website also carries designers to help in all aspects of wedding dress- be it groom, bridesmaids, jewelry, sandals, anything! Guru Tunics and Debra Torres Linen Shirts go perfectly together. If your man loves linen as much as you do, you might want to order from Debra Torres this season for gift time! We would LOVE to help you with your wedding! If you have particular colors for your special day, email Lauren at We can see what we can put together special just for you!