• Celebrity Style Watch: Halle Berry's Tunics

    Posted by Guru NewYork

    Recreate this look with Guru's Tara Dress and Cara Sandals in silver.

    There are few women in the world more beautiful than the Bond-Girl Halle Berry.  Not too long ago I was gossiping with a celebrity make-up artist here in NYC. She was telling me about how different stars are when they come in sans make-up to see her, their table manners... you know, the juicy things we wish we didn't talk about? Well, she then said that the one woman that she has worked with and that she believes is the most stunning, and is even more beautiful all-natural, is our style icon of the day: Ms. Halle Berry. "Order this Alexandra Dress in White to recreate Halle's look"

    And the one clothing piece that Halle seems to not ever be without is the tunic.  Needless to say, we at Guru totally agree! She wears them casual, at the beach, as a blouse, as a dress, out shopping, anywhere! She also does an amazing job accessorizing her tunics in a way to fit the appropriate occasion.

    "Guru's Sofia Sandals in Gold -hand stitched and organic leather".

    Another favorite look (above) shows Berry in a flirty, comfortable baby-doll dress. Again, she hits an accessory home run with metallic sandals and an over-sized boho bag to complement the simplicity of the dress.  How can a woman be so sexy and so cute at the same time?! Recreate Halle's look above for a fraction of the price by pairing Guru's Alexandra Dress in white cotton voile with Guru's Sofia Sandals in Gold! For help recreating looks like these, please email me at lauren@guru-nyc.com! Happy Living! The Guru Team

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