In the run up to taking my honeymoon in Mexico and Belize I specifically looked into taking linen clothing as an alternative to cotton and synthetic materials.


I tend to find that synthetics take far less abuse before they start to smell and I didn’t want to a) carry much baggage, b) pay our expensive hotels to launder our clothes, c) hand wash all the time. Whereas I did want to look vaguely respectable in some of our honeymoon snaps. I find cotton tends to look scruffy quite quickly in daily wear and tear whereas linen often improves its look with a few crinkles. That was my starting point for considering linen but after a short Google search I found this article espousing the benefits of linen for traveling. It’s a long article so I won’t summarise the whole thing, but basically it sings linen’s praises for durability and highlights its properties when dealing with water and bacteria or mould. I imagine that most travelers have delved into that rarely-used hidden side pocket on their backpack and discovered one of Satan’s Olfactory Dementors, AKA a well-used and thus offensively aromatic pair of underwear stuffed in during a hasty packing session, and then forgotten. That’s usually the result of lovely damp bacteria thriving and ponging up the joint.

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