When temperature goes below 40 and you find yourself trapped inside for several month because it's too cold to be outside, the best decision to make is to escape and go on a vacation resort. Shopping will help you enjoy getting ready for a vacation and we will give you some advices what are the right places to look for stuff you need. Make sure you get everything you need to spend your holiday with the greatest pleasure. Vogue's Need It Now section will be of a great help for you to choose the hottest must haves for the season, including resort seasons. Find out what is popular right now and get it before everyone else does! In a resort shopping guide Vogue offers Guru Red Linen Tunic and Cara Colapuri sandals as a great choice for holiday season. And if you look at the prices of Guru New York products and compare them to other picks of Vogue, you will find out that it is going to be a real steal. Handmade Cara Sandals go for $120 and by far they are the most beautiful and stunning sandals at Guru. These silver Kohati sandals are produced only in Korarpaka -the backcountry region of Pakistan. The surface is made of silver wire stitches done entirely by hand. The finest organic premium leather is used, processed in mustard oil. It's not easy to find sandals that Vogue would call the hottest must have for under $250, various Guru Sandals priced around a hundred bucks a pair will be a reasonable choice for you. [caption id="attachment_166" align="alignnone" width="250" caption="Cara Sandal $120"]cara sandal[/caption] Guru Red Cotton Tunic is only $110. Vogue offers you to cover up with this classic and flattering beach tunic. It won't cost you fortune!   [caption id="attachment_182" align="alignnone" width="199" caption="Red Cotton Tunic $108"]red cotton tunic[/caption] Guru Cotton Long Sleeved Tunics are made of the finest quality French cotton voile, embellished with handmade piping. This light weight cotton is the a sophisticated chic long sleeved tunic top. Dress it up with Guru white linen pants or wear it casually with your favorite pair of jeans. Check http://www.style.com/vogue/needitnow/112608 for more information.   [caption id="attachment_183" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Need It Now"]need it now[/caption] Before you leave for a chosen warm country, double-check your suitcase and make sure you packed a couple of tunics and sandals from Guru New York. Then there should be nothing that will prevent you from enjoying your vacation. Don't forget to escape the cold with grace and style!


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