Guru Jewelry makes the best Valentine's Day gifts.

And for our visitors, Guru's founder, Zein Ahmed offers our visitors the following message.

Since it is a month for poetry, prose and gifts for your loved ones, I thought I would share this piece of prose with you and you can visit us for your gifts.

"Finally, my mind obscured by the sea, and having begun to write in your beautiful inks, and in this strange country, I look for the story I have dwelt in for ever it seems. It is simpler not to talk, to push my body to the sweatful limit. Black cherries in the heat, and thick wet peals of mango, I want to send you a crate, wrapped in confetti, and wait for the rains to pour in. The summer takes its own course. And sometimes Karachi seems so familiar, it is as though I am here in carnation as my mother would have been in an earlier life. I spent a day at the Yacht club with a childhood friend I had forsaken for years in the States, and the club is a small sailing port on Bunker Island, a thatched-roof coronation, bamboo to hold that rain in, and wooden deck chairs from the 1920s, all looking out towards the breakwaters, a naval ship anchored still against the horizon, black and a rusted gold, dhows roped in threes, a kind of lost friendship, and then tattered fishing boats from India, and boys the age of Thomas sailing on single-winged "toppers" back and forth, alone, this sea in its might draws me in all the time, sometimes as though it were the sun.

Busy! and yet if you gaze at the water long enough to feel its weight, an image rises. If somehow I could eat the thing I see, and make a word out of it. The same feeling occurred at Bhit Shah's mazaar, when I first returned to Karachi. An original word at the brim of your senses, and yet, not as yet, still further... "

Zein Ahmed


Paradise EarringsGuru Paradise Earrings

Guru brings to you a revival of jewelry from the Indian subcontinent – designed to meet the needs of urbane lifestyles, while retaining the historic integrity and elegance of yester years. Our ateliers are located in Multan, which for centuries served as a center for the decorative arts as well as Sufi philosophy. These two traditions mark our signature style – finesse in workmanship and an ancient sense of luxury. Guru Paradise Earrings are perfect for any special occasion. Hand crafted in Sterling Silver and 22c gold plated, in a floral and grape vine motif with light and dark yellow Citrines, Tanzanites and Peridots. Measures 2.5 inches long and 1 inch at its widest. Unique and sophisticated.
Measures 2.5 inches wide and 1 inch at its widest. Unique and sophisticated.

Saturday, February 14, 2009 The Young Designer's Market (The Market NYC) in Soho
286 Mulberry St. Between Houston and Prince, from 12 - 7pm

Guru at The Market NYC (logo)
Guru will be at The Market NYC - Soho
this Saturday, Valentine's Day
February 14, 2009 12-7pm

Wednesday - Thursday, February 25th and 26th Shecky's Girls Night Out - Dallas, TX

[caption id="attachment_67" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Come join us at our next Shecky's event! Bring your girlfriends!"]Come join us at our next Shecky's event! Bring your girlfriends![/caption]

Why not enjoy one the right way on Feb. 25th-26th at Shecky's?
Catch up with BFF's over cocktails, fashion steals, a little pampering,
The New Year calls for a Girls Night Out!
and fun experiences at the next Shecky's Girls Night Out.


Date: Wed.-Thu., Feb. 25th-26th, 2009
Time: 5pm-10pm
Place: Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG)
1807 Ross Ave. (N. St. Paul & N. Akard Sts.)

As seen on CBS News, Dallas, TX:   Chris Hoffman, CEO & Founder of Shecky’s calls Guru’s Navy Cotton Long Sleeve Tunic a “…fantastic item, popular around the country…from a young designer…” on the Dallas CBS News Morning Show… Click here to view the clip


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