The Market NYC in Soho, is a great place to get the best designer tunics, sandals and fine jewelry.

Now more than ever we look to get the most out of our money. Shopping at places like the Market NYC makes it possible to save hundreds of dollars for designer wear. Like Guru tunics, sandals and fine jewelry. On an average designer tunics and sandals are available for $200 - $300, but at Guru we are able to sell our merchandise for $70 - $120. By eliminating the expense of rent and payroll, we are able to pass on the savings to you. The Young Designer's Market is an amazing place to be for any new designer. In the Heart of Soho, you are surrounded by a lot of talent and you have a chance to show your products to hundreds of shoppers in a day! The catch is that you have to be really good to stand a chance. The competition is quite fierce but the atmosphere is great. In the beginning I was a bit nervous because most of the vendors had been there years before me and have a loyal customer base. Now that I am in my second year at the Market, I can confidently say that I have carved out a small piece of the pie for myself. Over this past year I saw a lot of new vendors and designers come and go, it is like a jungle, the fittest survive only! It worked really well for me because it keeps me motivated to excel.  Talent and inspiration I think is, contagious. So it always turns out to be worth the trip to come see Guru at the Market NYC. Besides Guru there are another 50 plus designers there. Almost all of us take any major credit card. Anything form cocoa butter to fine jewelry is available. Guru is at the Market almost every Saturday and most Sundays, you can always call or text me to confirm . Even when you are at the Market and you need to find the Guru booth, you can call or text me . The market is located on Mulberry street, between Prince and Houston, the hours are from 11 am - 7 pm. www.themarketnyc.com Neighborhood: Manhattan/Nolita 268 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10079 (212) 580-8995


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