Guru Tunics, Sandals and Jewelry.

I bought the Caroline sandals last weekend at the young designers market. They’re beautiful and so well made. I was recently in India and looked for sandals all over between Mumbai and Delhi and was unable to find any well made shoes or sandals. All the shoes we came across were made with rough leather and rougher stitching. The sandals I bought from guru are so nice with soft leather and beautiful stitching. I’ve received many compliments already. Thanks! - Julia

Guru is available at The Young Designer Market in Soho (The Market NYC) and the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Green. Check our Events link for updated information.

Guru will soon be at the Green Flea at Columbus Ave and 77th Street.

Guru is an eco friendly designer label. All products are hand made with natural or eco friendly materials.

Young Designer's Market Soho

See Guru Tunics and Sandals at The Market in Soho, New York


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