Why Guru Tunics are made of 100% Linen

Linen - almost completely displaced by cotton since the middle of the 19th century because it was cheaper and simpler to process – has undergone a continual renaissance in recent years due to the discovery of new advantages and ecological benefits. If you hold a piece of linen fabric in your hand for the first time, you will immediately observe the very individual character of its fiber: it feels cool and dry to the touch. Its natural appearance has a silk-matte gloss to it. Linen has something noble and yet austere about it, which lends it an air of refinement which is both genuine and timeless. Indeed the most important property of linen in daily life is its cooling effect on the skin and the consequent reduction in sweat. The fibers absorb up to 35% of their own weight in water, which they can take in and then quickly release into the air. That, and the subtle massaging effect on the skin may be two reasons why the famous natural healer Sebastian Kneipp so often writes about the advantages of linen and advises using it for healthy clothing.


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