One of the oldest forms of jewelry made and worn in India is kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry is made of gold that is highly refined. For Indian jewelers, kundan is not only the gold that is made into a jewel, but also the type of setting on which they set the precious stones. Kundan jewelry is not made of real solid gold. Its center part is made of lac or a natural resin made from hardened tree sap. The jewelry pieces that makes the whole kundan jewelry, which are usually justified into hollow separate halves, are usually handled by separate jewelers or assistant jewelers for its shaping before they are fitted together through soldering. Once the jewelry pieces are fitted together to make the pattern designed by the jeweler, holes are then bored into separate halves of the kundan jewelry. The stones are then set in these holes. Any engraving that is done before the hollows of the kundan jewelry are then inserted with lac. Because the lac could still be seen through the holes in front, the highly refined kundan gold is poured on the setting to cover the lac and only then is the stone pushed right into the still pliable kundan.

Guru kundan jewelry is made with Sterling slver and is plated 4 – 5 times in 22 carat gold to keep it affordable for all. We stay true to the art form and craft of this age old tradition while providing great quality jewelry.

Black Kundan Parrot Necklace

Above is the Black Kundan Parrot: The pendant detail is twin black enamel parrots around a white kundan lotus, made Sterling silver plated with 22 carat gold, while strung with black crystals and pearls. This necklace is available at Madison Square Market or on our website!


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