Need a gift idea for any birthdays this month?

Consider October's birthstones.

Modern Birthstones: Opal & Tourmaline

Traditional Birthstone: Tourmaline

Mystical Birthstone: Jasper

Ayurvedic Birthstone: Opal

15th-20th Century Birthstone: Beryl & Opal

Opal has historically been a lucky stone with its power to ward off the evil eye and protect travelers in foreign lands. Psychologically, opal brings motivation, energy, and confidence. Specifically, fire opal helps control blood disorders, depression, and lethargy. Black opal is to aid in reproductive disorders; while white opal helps manage neural disorders.

Tourmaline, is the stone for the astrological sign, Libra, or those born between the dates September 23-October 22. This stone is said to enhance understanding, love, positive transformation, and objectivity.

Jasper, also known as the Power Stone or Protection Stone, is perfect for shy or timid people. The stone is to give people the power to speak out and discover their independence. The stone is also referred to as the Warrior Stone, as it is known to project loyalty and justice. In this sense, Jasper is perfect for professionals such as lawyers, law enforcement, and soldiers who are often faced with unjust situations.

Emerald and Topaz Ayesha Earrings

Beryl, is the lucky charm for Scorpios, those born between October 23 and November 21. Its name means "light green semiprecious gemstone". Beryl is considered a token of good luck. Biblically, the eighth foundation stone of the wall of New Jerusalem was made of beryl. Beryl is a family of gemstones that includes emerald and aquamarine. Consider the Emerald and Topaz Ayesha Earrings, pictured on your left, or the Emerald Enamel Jaipur Earrings as gifts for this month!

For other months' birthstones, check out this birthstone chart on the Guru website.


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