The following 5 benefits are just some reasons why bamboo is the fabric of our future: 1. Sustainability: Bamboo is said to be the most sustainable textile since bamboo grows quickly and can thrive without the use of pesticides or herbicides. 2. Naturally Anti-Bacterial: By killing almost all bacteria, bamboo stays fresh and odor-free for a long period of time, resulting in better hygiene. 3. Thermo-Control: This highly breathable fabric, that absorbs moisture three to four times faster than cotton, keeps bodies cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. 4. Softness: Bamboo is so silky to the touch that it is said to be softer than Pima Cotton, the softest and most superior blend of cotton. 5. Natural UV Protection: Studies show that bamboo blocks over 98% of harmful UV radiation.

Enjoy these benefits with the Mumbai Beaded Bamboo Tunic. Now available online.

[caption id="attachment_1644" align="aligncenter" width="180" caption="Guru Mumbai Black Beaded Bamboo Tunic"]GuruMumbaiBlackBambooBeadedTunic0001[/caption]


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