The Jewelry House at Guru began as a private bond between my mother and I. It began with her aesthetic passion, and her desire to extend this lineage to her family. At first she opened a workshop in her own home, with a single artisan in quest of lost forms. She now works with the few remaining master artisans of the region, while at the same time training a second generation in the craft. Our designs are culled from Indian sculpture, painting, and photographs, the chronicles of kings, and texts from ancient trade routes. We consider our jewelry an art form, a purist celebration of life. Each piece is handcrafted and provides our jewelry its profound sense of heritage. Guru’s range varies from the Mughal high-art of enameling and vermeil, to stunning work in kundan and semi-precious stone. All items are made in silver and plated in 22 karat gold. Guru brings to you a revival of jewelry from the Indian subcontinent – designed to meet the needs of urbane lifestyles, while retaining the historic integrity and elegance of yesteryears. Guru celebrates the revival of a precious industry. Many of our designs are museum owned. We, however, bring Indian royalty home to our friends This week's picks: Saturday: Mother's Day Gift Special at our locations this weekend: Saturday: Young Designers Market Find Guru Jewelry and All Beaded Tunics (on sale for $125).  Plus find our signature line of linen Tunic Dresses and Summer Dresses as well as Cocktail Rings and Leather Cuffs. 268 Mulberry St between Prince and Houston. 11-7pm. This week's pick:  The Delhi Beaded Tunic and Jaipur Earrings The Brooklyn Flea - Fort Green: Find Guru Classic Linen Tunics, Cocktail Rings and Cuffs plus get ready for the summer with our K-line of Summer Dresses. Lafayette and Clermont Sts, Brooklyn, NY This week's pick:  The Polka Dot Dress Sunday The Green Flea: Find Guru Classic Linen Tunics and Summer Dresses 77th and Columbus Ave, New York, NY.  Spot D17/18 The Brooklyn Flea - One Hanson: Find Guru's Cocktail Rings, Clutches and Summer Dresses. Check out new inventory for everything you need for a summer in the city or vaca at the beach. One Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY


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