What do the terms being Green, Eco-friendly, Environmentally Conscious or Socially Conscious mean to you? Being "green" is a way of life.  As an individual, Zein Ahmed, Guru Founder, promotes a conscious lifestyles.  "To me it means making thoughtful decisions when buying or doing virtually any activity.  For example, I like buying organic, natural foods from local vendors - I think its important to feed our bodies well;  I use environmentally friendly supplies for household products - Mrs. Meyers is one of my favorites, and I think about little ways to help reduce waste, like using real plates and linen napkins during meals  instead of disposable plates or paper towels. Every little bit counts." As an eco friendly designer label, for Guru part of it is using raw materials that are naturally occurring, that are sustainable and that do not abuse the environment.   We are also aware of measures that we can do as a company to support our society, our vendors, our economy, our people.

Raw Materials

The material that we use for our products: linens, cottons, silks and bamboo for our tunics, organic leather, silk thread, and mustard oil for our sandals and semi precious stones, gold and silver for our jewelry are all naturally occurring:  unprocessed and un-messed with. We invest in the finest quality European linens and cottons, which make up our signature line of classic tunic tops and purchase them from New York City.  We are committed to helping the local economy buy supporting our New York Garment District.  The linens and bamboo fabric we use are environmentally friendly and exquisite to the touch. So they not only look great, but feel great inside and out. The gemstones and pearls used for jewelry line are also bought here in New York City, as are the  old-world enamels (enamel made by crushing real gemstones) used to accent some of our pieces. The designs we use are mostly museum-owned or modifications of traditional jewelry worn by royalty during the Mughal and British empires in India.  They are an investment.

Our Production

Guru products are hand made by master artesans in their craft.  There are no chemicals used.  Guru also ensures our customers the highest in ethical standards. Our production comes from mainly from cottage industries; sweat-shop and child-labor free. Guru additionally provides benefits and pays top dollar to make sure that they have access to medical and educational services.  We believe that change happens one person at a time and for us, the ability to support our workers, who include in large part, women and old men, it is imperative for us to provide a source of income. Guru was honored to be invited as a sponsor of the Earth Day 40th Anniversary Celebration April 2010.

What does being environmentally and socially conscious mean to you?

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