Shop Early, Save More: Save 15% off your purchase when you shop within the first hour of the event... just mention that you have to come to "Shop Early and Save More" at checkout to get 15%!  This is a special promotion for our online community! Guru will be participating in the following events this weekend: Saturday: Shecky's Girls Day Out Southampton 1pm to 6pm  (Tickets are Sold Out - contact shop@guru-nyc.com for one of our limited free guest passes). Hey ladies…get ready for a haute summer in Southampton! Discover unique designers, cool off with our delectable drinks, and treat yourself to some pretty pampering and glorious Goodie Bags (trust us, you don’t want to miss the goodies). - - Brooklyn Flea in Forte Greene 10am - 5pm  Spot W29 Brooklyn FleaOne of the great urban experiences in New York." —The New York Times One of the Best Antiques Shows in the U.S. —Country Living One of New York's Essential Pick-Up Spots —Time Out NY Sunday: Green Flea - Upper West Side 10am - 5:45pm Spot B1-2 Green Flea Tip:  Also within the Green Flea you will also find some gourmet food providers: a specialty baker offering cookies and desserts for people with food allergies, a fresh mozzarella and seafood specialty vendor (who also carries Balthazar breads), a caterer who offers wonderful savory quiches and turnovers, and a vendor selling fabulous pickles, olives and other condiments. Not located in the food section but within the market itself is a spice and tea vendor that will make it seem that you are shopping at a marche in gay Paree! There are also fabulous Greek-style pastries and savories sold by another vendor. You can shop and pick up your lunch or dinner on the way out of the market. Brooklyn Flea at One Hanson Brooklyn FleaIndoors at the old Williamsburg Savings Bank Building; air conditioned and featuring food vendors and live performances every Sunday.


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