Camel Tops Fall 2010 Color Trends

We're not sure when the whole wide world of Fashion gets the annual "memo" about what colors will takethe runways by storm, but season after season, FallColorTrends2010the big tonal trends do shine through. Like everyone else, we love fall colors best...partly because the shades go deep and dark, or alternately, bold and bright. But this fall introduced a few unexpected contenders in the color category: Along with rich purple, mixed olive tones, and more burnished metallics, soft classic camel made a comeback and so did the brightest red. To get you on the right color wheel, we've rounded up the six fall color trends to start bringing into your own closet...September is, afterall, just one little month away. (From huffingtonpost.com)

Guru's New Arrivals Include Two New Tunic Tops To Keep You Ahead of the Trend:

Oatmeal Tunic Top with Camel Piping

Oatmeal Tunic Top with Camel Piping

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Oatmeal Tunic Top with Navy Piping


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