Guru is proud to be in a select group of vendors that make up the Brooklyn Flea.  Guru started participating at the Flea in its first year (2008).  We have seen it grow from one Saturday in a high school yard in Forte Greene to a full fledged "top place to shop" in Brooklyn, then in New York, now the World.

From the Flea's Insider Updates:  here is a list of current press  for the Brooklyn Flea:

The New YorkerHuge opening photo in The New YorkerSlideshow link here.
Delta's Sky in-flight magazine names the Flea one of the world's 5 best markets! August 2010 issue, with Mark Wahlberg on the cover. (Not online yet.) In the same league with: London's Portobello Market, Brimfield, and the Rose Bowl. Wow.
Daily News put the Flea in its 50 Things that Make New Yorkers Smile feature. Cute.
Traditional Home included a few Flea mentions in its cool Brooklyn travel story this month. Check it out.
Congrats to Caroline and Tony from Brooklyn Soda Works for being named #1 locally made soda in this week's New York magazine!
Fashion Canada loves the Flea on its blog, and is running a print feature soon.
National Geographic Traveler has a Brooklyn holiday shopping story coming out in November featuring info on the Flea and Gifted.
We also have a feature coming up on Shelterpop.com, AOL's national and huge home/design website, where the Flea is named one of America's top markets.

If you spot pictures of the Guru booth or would like to share your experience with us about shopping at the flea or with us, please forward to at shop@guru-nyc.com and earn 10% off your next order with us - in person or online. We look forward to hearing from you.


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