Tips For Greener Travel

Reducing your speed to 55 mph from 65 mph may increase your fuel efficiency by as much as 15 percent; cut it to 55 from 70, and you could get a 23 percent improvement

What Can You Do?

    To travel with a lighter footstep:
  • Stay closer to home. The less you drive, the easier your trip is on the environment. Instead, take an alternative form of transportation, like a train or a bus.
  • Increase your fuel efficiency on the road. Inflate your tires, and drive at a leisurely pace.If your trip requires flying, or driving a long distance, rent a hybrid. Hertz recently started renting Toyota Prius at major metropolitan airports, and for inner city driving, check out car shares. Zipcar, available in bigger cities like New York, Chicago and Washington D.C., provides hybrids on a per-hour basis.
  • Get to know the country through the window of a train. If you're really intent on taking a big vacation, consider splurging on an Amtrak North America Rail Pass ($999 peak/$709 off-peak; www.amtrak.com). The pass allows you to travel to over 900 cities in both the U.S. and Canada for 30 consecutive days.
From the Green Guide by National Geographic


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