Gifted starts today and runs through Thursday, Dec. 23. We're open 11am to 7pm every day, and until 8pm tomorrow and Friday. Three floors of a landmark, 100+ vendors for every person and taste on your list, easy to get to, mellow, tree trimmed with vendor trinkets, plus snacks. Find Guru at location V32A - in the Vault, in the back right corner.  (Not our usual spot).  This marks our final week at Brooklyn Flea. Guru will not be returning to the Brooklyn Flea next year.


Click here for more information. To Find Guru: As you enter One Hanson Place, turn left to go down the stairs. You will see a room with a really big door - big as in 6 foot thick, with an intricate locking system - that is the door to the Vault at the old Williamsburg Savings Bank. Oh, what treasures may have once been safe-locked in the Vault! Now, go through the Vault door and visit us at location V34A. Best gifts for her under $100 (click here to shop now): Hand made in Sterling silver and 22c Gold with semi precious stones selected in New York City. Guru Jewelry is made in Multan by 5th and 6th generation artesans in their craft; most pieces are recreations of jewelry worn by Mughul royalty with a modern, urbane sensibility. [gallery] Also visit us in person for our Kismet line of costume jewelry ($15 - $50).


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