Guru: environmentally and socially conscious living.

Our products are handmade using natural and sustainable raw materials. Our commitment to an old world, quality craftsmanship, fused with an urban sensibility sets Guru apart from the rest.

We offers a lifestyle range of tunics, tops, dresses, sandals and fine jewelry.  For more about our products, click on the Craftsmanship page. 



Present-day Pakistan is home to several ancient cultures, including Mehrgarh, and the Indus civilization at Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa. Over centuries, this land has absorbed the vital energies of Buddhism, Hinduism, and a mystical Islamic tradition. It has served as a crucible to historic trade routes, and as a majestic center to craft in the region.

It is this experience of Pakistan that I bring to New York, with the launch of Guru. My products bear witness to a legacy of artisans and their labor, surviving against all duress. So with great pride, and a sense of excellence, I share with you my richly woven heritage. This is the world of Guru.


Guru assures its customers the highest standards of excellence and ethical purchase. Guru commissions sweatshop-free manufacturing. It supports cottage industries free of child labor. And it is committed to making eco-friendly and organic choices for all its materials and processes used.



Guru operates through this online store and through participation in local markets and also through special fashion, cultural and charitable events.  Guru is carried by 60+ boutiques across the US.  Please check our “Locations” tab to find out where to find us in person.